Highly Effective Habits of Pro Gamblers

Gamblers who have been playing casino games for a while will all have developed habits, but not all these habits will be good ones.

To give you the edge, we’ve outlined the highly effective habits that every gambler should nurture, no matter how long they have been playing for.


Gambling is fun. Loads of fun. But you also need to know when to stop having fun, and when to quit while you are ahead. Self-control is a very important skill to have, as it can stop you from blowing through your bankroll or going into the red.

Know when you are getting carried away, and when you are in danger of chasing losses and then exercise self-control and call it a day. This habit will save you in the long run, and make you a better player.

Bankroll Management

Good bankroll management can take a while to get the hang of, but every gambler needs to practice it. By managing your money properly, you can gamble responsibly and only play with money you can afford to lose.

A lot of players have those stories about near wins that never happened and the way they were so close to a jackpot, but then they blew all their cash and it never materialised. Don’t let that be you. Manage your money, stick to your budget and play smart. It’ll pay off!

Stay Positive

The best gamblers are those that see gambling as a fun pastime or entertainment, rather than means to an end or way to make money. As soon as you start thinking of making money gambling, you need to change your outlook.

A great habit is to treat playing NZ online pokies casinos games like you would going to the movies or watching a show. Think of it as a bit of fun, and if you win, then that’s the cherry on top of an already awesome experience.

Stay Real

Savvy gamblers know that huge, life changing jackpots are out there, but that they may never find them. They stay real and their playing habits reflect this.

By maintaining a realistic attitude you’ll have more fun, and won’t get stressed out looking for that big win that may not come about quite how you expect it.

Chalk every win up as a success, no matter what size it is, and remember, gambling is always about having fun first.

Practice and Patience

If you are playing games like Blackjack or Poker that require a modicum of skill or strategy you need to have patience. You won’t become a master overnight, and you certainly won’t be sitting down with the pros at a high stakes table straight away.

It can take years to truly hone your skills, and even the pro Poker players will tell you, they are still learning. Practice as often as you can and have fun while learning the ins and out of the game you’ve chosen as your favourite, but don’t be afraid to try out others too.

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