Get The Inside Scoop on Prop Betting

Prop Bets, also known as Proposition, Special or Novelty Bets, add a lot of value to your overall punting experience. Essentially, they are stand-alone predictions on specific events.

While these novelty options are certainly risky, they’re always entertaining and can be very financially rewarding. Learn about the two different kinds – skilled and fun props – and their many advantages here.

Skilled Propositions

Skilled propositions require a high degree of knowledge on your part. If you know that a specific Footballer has a pattern of training hard and then scoring well, for instance, you can predict that they’ll land the first goal of the game.

You might also put money on how many goals the player will score overall, or on whether or not the game will run into overtime. The overtime novelty bet is a lot more generalised, but your insights are still important in helping you to make an educated estimation.

Basically, skilled prop punts are the ideal way to leverage specific information into a sizable profit. As a real-world example, imagine you’ve been watching how Tom Brady has been performing at recent games and you feel confident that he’ll do well at the next match the New England Patriots are playing. However, the rest of the team has been plagued by missteps and you don’t think they’re going to actually win.

Without special bets, you can’t do anything with your intuition about Brady, and will just have to watching him make some impressive touchdowns even as his team loses the game. But with propositions, you can put money on Brady scoring at least 1.5 touchdowns without betting on which team will win at all.

This is punting flexibility at its very best – you can put money on whatever outcomes you feel very sure about, without having to get involved on any results that you consider unlikely.

Fun Props

Fun propositions are just what their name suggests – they are a lot of fun and can be really entertaining. A lot of props specific to the Super Bowl fall into this category, including what colour the Gatorade that is dumped over the head of the winning team’s coach will be.

When Madonna performed in the 2012 half-time show, wagers were being placed on whether or not she’d be wearing fishnets!

These wagers are clearly determined by other factors, and not by your acumen and insight into whatever sport you are betting on.

They’re a great way to get people interested in sports punting, and they give you something to cheer and hope for even if your team is losing, but remember to be sensible about how much you spend on them.

There’s a sense of the ridiculous about them, which enhances the general enjoyment they bring. When Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush were dating, there was a bet on which would be larger, her total physical measurements or his yardage total!

Since no skill goes into deciding how you want to bet, you shouldn’t use too much of your bankroll on fun props – but be sure to at least indulge yourself with them a little. Try these out the next time you visit the various Aussie sports betting sites on offer to players these days.

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