How To Choose A Betting Site?

New Zealand is firmly in the modern world when it comes to mobile and online technology. This has granted access to online sports betting sites to punters who previously had to either brave the weather in order to go down to the local TAB, or make a phone call to a possibly dodgy bookie.

Thanks to this modern technology one can now place a wager on a sports event or race from the comfort of your own home, and even on the run thanks to mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. Sports betting on a wide range of sports is now easier than ever, but with that comes a huge selection of online and mobile apps and sites to choose from. Continue reading “How To Choose A Betting Site?”

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How to get the most out of Mobile Casino Bonuses In Australia

The mobile markets acceleration has been popularized by modern mobile devices, which avail to smart capability and impressive technological specs.

Players from Australia seeking the most rewarding mobile play will be elated by the guidelines available online these days, with critical insight into the mobile domain, these guidelines will help Aussies select the best mobile bonus rewards on offer in the online gaming domain. Continue reading “How to get the most out of Mobile Casino Bonuses In Australia”

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A Quick Introduction to Aces and Faces Bonus Video Poker

Video poker games are that delightful combination of poker and slots play. As a general rule of thumb, video poker game variations are based largely on one of the original video poker games, Jacks or Better. The distinguishing feature of Aces and Faces video poker game is the extraordinarily high bonus pay outs on specific 4 of a kind hands. Winning these lucrative bonus pay outs means players should aim to compile any 4 of a kind hand that is made up of either aces or of face cards, the jack, queen, or king. Continue reading “A Quick Introduction to Aces and Faces Bonus Video Poker”

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A Glance at Playing Casino Games like Poker or Bingo

Here is the thing; despite the range of casino games available and the enormity of these online communities, perhaps a few guidelines and heartfelt recommendations on which three games one should always have a go at, will provide a starting point for discussion. These casino games should be appreciated not solely as representative of the gambling style, but also of the popularity and following which they generate. The first casino game to play is poker. The quintessential gamble, with betting and bluffing options galore has been glamourized in hundreds of movies, televised poker competitions and a huge online following. Feeling the pressure of an all-in gamble is something everyone should go through at least once. Continue reading “A Glance at Playing Casino Games like Poker or Bingo”

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Uncovering the Option of Playing Slots in No Deposit Mode

In a world where we all love getting things for free, it is little wonder that casino players particularly enjoy their free plays. Online casinos often choose to offer free plays to promote themselves, so that they stand out from their competitors and ensure that players choose to sign up with them instead of another online casino. Continue reading “Uncovering the Option of Playing Slots in No Deposit Mode”

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A Quick Look at Starlight Kiss Slot

Starlight Kiss is a high quality online video slot game powered by Microgaming. The game itself has a romance theme and follows the story of two lovers who meet in a country garden for a midnight kiss under the stars. Set against a backdrop of a beautiful country estate, the game features high quality graphics with romantic background music and entertaining sound effects. The reels themselves are framed in gold and sit against a starry sky with lampposts acting as pillars for the ends of the reels. The Microgaming slot can be played online for free or for real money at all top-rated online casinos. Continue reading “A Quick Look at Starlight Kiss Slot”

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An Exclusive Guide to Trying out Star Trek Slot

Star Trek is a popular online video slot game powered by IGT. Based on the 2009 film of the same name, the game features stills and video clips from the movie itself. Set against a backdrop of the vast expanse of space, the game features top-class graphics, animation and sound effects. Fans of the movie will be pleased to know that the game features the high quality images of the main characters with specific bonus features assigned to each character. Complete with uplifting background music and energetic sound effects, the game brings to life the epic space theme in grand way. Continue reading “An Exclusive Guide to Trying out Star Trek Slot”

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A Quick Introduction to Wilds and Bonus feature in Slot Games

In the world of online casino games, slots are certainly the most popular type of game played online. As opposed to card and table games, slots are easy to play, include entertaining animation sequences and offer huge payouts. For most people though, the best part about playing online slot games is the bonus features. Most modern online slots include a whole range of high paying bonus features. These can include wild symbols, stacked Wilds, Scatter symbols and free spins. In the notes below, we are going to take a look at the most popular slots bonus features and how they work. Continue reading “A Quick Introduction to Wilds and Bonus feature in Slot Games”

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Everything You Must Know About Golf Betting Online

Golf, fondly referred to as the Game of Kings, has stood the test of time.  Dating back to the time of Julius Ceasar, golf has been around since Hector was a pup.  In the time of Ceasar, golf was played by striking a feather-stuffed ball.  The ball may have changed, but the basic rules remained the same.  So popular was the game of golf, that it was outlawed by King James II of Scotland, as it distracted the minds of young men and was blamed to have had a detractory affect as far as military training was concerned.

Continue reading “Everything You Must Know About Golf Betting Online”

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Getting Started with A-League Betting

Growing in popularity in Australia and New Zealand is the game of soccer. The A-League is a soccer or footy league that was formed in 1998 and consists of a number of different teams from both countries. Many of the original teams have been lost through mergers or other means, and there are only a few left who began with the league in 1998.

Continue reading “Getting Started with A-League Betting”

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