iPhone Online Casino Games Baccarat

iPhone Online Casino Games Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the most widely played casino games in the world, coming second only to the traditional classics such as roulette, blackjack and poker. But it wasn’t always this way. When baccarat first became popular it was seen as a game only for French nobles, since betting minimums tended to be particularly high.

As the game spread, however, and started appearing in casinos across Europe, the game was embraced by people from all walks of life. In modern times, with the online casino revolution in progress, baccarat is more popular then ever before. Recently, as mobile phones become the new portable casinos, baccarat has been ported over to popular smart phones, such as the well loved iPhone series. Let’s have a closer look at iPhone online casino games; baccarat.

Understanding Baccarat

First, in looking at iPhone online casino games, baccarat, let’s explore how the game itself is played. Baccarat is very similar to blackjack, but with the desired total being nine, as apposed to twenty one. The player and house are both dealt a hand of two, with the aim of the value of the cards being as close to nine as possible.

Importantly, however, in baccarat the face cards, and ten cards, have a value of zero. So, for example, if a hand of a queen and a five are dealt, the total value of the hand is five. Also keep in mind that if the value of a hand is over nine, the total is zeroed and starts over from one. So, if a hand is two eights, the total value is six.

There are set rules in baccarat as to whether a third card is dealt in a hand, namely if the total value is below six in the case of the players hand. There is little need for the player to worry about this, however, as the dealer will handle all the dealing without word from the player.

Betting Rules

Second, in looking at iPhone online casino games, baccarat, lets see how betting works. The great thing about baccarat is that observers of the game may place bets, even if they are not participating in the actual game, much in the same way as craps. There are three bets that may be placed, all of which speak for themselves; player, house, and tie. A bet on player indicates that the bettor predicts the player had will win.

A bet on house, indicates that the bettor predicts the house hand will win. And a bet on tie, of course, predicts that the two hands will have the same value. A few important rules to keep in mind, however, are that a winning bet on a tie is always far more valuable then a bet on player or house. Plus, if the end result of a hand is a tie, any bets placed on player or the house are returned, with no penalty costs of any kind. This concludes this brief look at real money Canadian Casino Online games, baccarat. If you would like to try out baccarat now on your iPhone, simply search for the game in the Apple iStore.