Online Cycling Betting Options, Odds & Tips

The bicycle was developed in the 19th Century, and in two centuries, has become the primary means of transport for one seventh of the world’s population. This humble vehicle is also at the centre of one of the world’s most competitive sports – cycling.

Online cycling betting is one of the most popular ways of betting on this sport, and the markets offered by sports betting sites generally include various types of cycling, such as road races, track cycling, and mountain bike racing.

The constantly expanding sport and its unabated popularity among spectators has given rise to a number of events that have become major happenings on the international sport calendar. Along with such events, held throughout the year, comes a wide range of betting options at

Different Types of Cycle Races

Online cycling betting allows for the placing of bets on various events dedicated to different types of cycling, which has come a long way since the early days of so-called boneshaker bicycles and racing events which saw huge numbers of competitors injured.

Among the different cycling categories usually included in betting markets are road races, which may last one day, or take place in stages over several days. Individuals and teams are usually allowed to compete.

Also included is track cycling, which uses track bicycles in a Velodrome, as well as time trial races that often feature modified road race bicycles, and cyclocross and mountain bike races that take place on courses that feature obstacles, or in rough, outdoor terrain.

Races Popular with Online Cycling Punters

The vast majority of online cycling betting takes place during the world’s most prestigious cycling events and races. These events are held around the world on an annual basis, in regions as diverse as North America, continental Europe, and Australia.

The most notable of these events include what is arguably the world’s most talked-about bicycle race, the Tour de France, as well as Spain’s Vuelta a Espana, Italy’s Giro d’Italia, the United States’ US Pro Challenge and Philadelphia International Championship, and Australia’s Santos Tour Down Under, National Criterium Championships, and National Road Race Championships.

South Africa’s Cape Argus is a long-running race that has seen constant growth in the number of participants, and attracts more and more cyclists from around the world.

Online Cycling Bet Types

Like most other forms of sports betting, online cycling betting allows for straight and prop bets to be placed. Punters can also bet well in advance, or live, during events and races.

Examples of some of the bets that may be placed include betting on a cyclist or team to win a race, betting on a country to win an international event, and betting on a cyclist to win a certain day on a stage race.

Fractional odds bets and moneyline bets are also offered among the nz sports betting options at some online bookmakers.

More Information for Online Cycling Betting

There are a number of things that could influence how a cyclist or team performs in a race or other event, so many online cycling betting punters use supportive information to help them place bets.

Readily available information of which punters make use when determining which bets to place include injury reports, road or track conditions, and weather reports. Cyclists’ statistics and track records can also prove useful.

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