Online Rugby Sports Betting

Played since the mid-nineteenth century, rugby quickly grew in popularity in the United Kingdom, and spread from there to various parts of the world.

Its two hundred-year-old history has seen it go from a football variation played at public schools to a fully-fledged sport played at club, provincial, national, and international levels as rugby league and rugby union.

The sport has attracted punters since its earliest days, and the practise on placing various bets on games and tournaments has found expression in the digital age as online rugby sports betting.

Where Does Online Rugby Betting Happen?

Before the internet went mainstream in the mid-nineties, punters who wanted to bet on rugby would have needed to visit a bookmaker or find friends or colleagues interested in an informal pool.

The arrival of online bookmakers changed the nature of sports betting, making it more accessible to punters around the world. It is at such sites that online rugby sports betting takes place.

Online sports betting sites feature markets that cover local and international events, as well as various facilities required by punters.

A Brief Look at Rugby

The two main rugby codes played in various countries are rugby league and rugby union; the most popular being union. Both are usually included in online rugby sports betting markets.

The two codes share many similarities, with the biggest differences generally seen as the number of players per side, as well as a few rules concerning tackles. Union teams generally consist of 15 players a side, although the Rugby Sevens version of rugby union features only seven players a side.

The game is played with an oval-shaped ball, which may not be thrown forward. Players need to either run with the ball or kick it forward.

Among the countries that have a solid reputation for proficiency at the sport are Argentina, England, Scotland, Wales, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, France, and Italy.

Online Rugby Betting Options

Two different forms of the game, as well as a host of local and international games and events means that punters have a relatively wide range of online rugby sports betting options available to them.

The NZ betting options include futures and outright bets, fixed odds betting, over and under bets, and prop or special bets. Some punters prefer to keep their wagering simple by betting on a team to win a game, while other punters may prefer to place a range of more complex bets on an entire tournament.

Examples of some other bets placed by online rugby sports betting punters include point spread bets or betting on a player to be named Man of the Match.

Events that See an Increase in Online Rugby Betting

Both rugby union and rugby league see a number of events take place on a regular basis. Some are played at a provincial or national level, while others are played at an international level.

Either way, such fixtures usually see a spike in online rugby sports betting.

Notable rugby union events include the Rugby World Cup, the Six Nations Championship, the Rugby Championship, the English Premiership, South Africa’s Currie Cup, and Super Rugby. Among those of rugby league are the Rugby League European and Pacific cups.