A Basic Guide to Online Darts Betting

Simply put, online darts betting is the practice of betting on the sport of darts at a sports betting website. While not a major sporting code with large-scale events, this market continues to attract the interest of punters the world over.

The markets offered by online bookmakers generally include local and international clubs, associations, leagues, tournaments, and other events. As darts is not tied to the seasons, punters are able to bet on the sport through most of the year.

These and other elements are regarded as distinct advantages to betting on darts via PC or mobile. Find out more in this basic guide to this sports betting market.

Darts at a Glance

While the betting part of online darts betting takes place on the worldwide web, the games are real-world games played by people.

A game is usually played between two people, who take turns to throw three darts at a segmented board. The goal is to reduce a 501 or 301 fixed score to zero, and the last dart thrown must land in the bull’s eye or in the double section of the board.

Although this is one of the most commonly played versions of the game, and one found in many online darts betting markets, punters may come across other variants such as the 20 to one Dutch version; Around the World, which requires players to hit consecutive numbers; Halve It, a version in which players try to hit assigned targets; and Shanghai, in which doubles and triples are important targets.

Worldwide Championships and Tournaments

The worldwide popularity of darts means that there are a number of international events which form part of online darts betting markets.

Some of the more notable of these are the Premier League, UK Open Darts, the World Grand Prix, the World Match Play, the PDC World Championship, and US Professional Darts Corporation’s Las Vegas Desert Classic, and Australia’s Coral Sydney Darts Masters and TABtouch Perth Darts Masters.

Such tournaments may open up a wider range of betting options to players than are available during local games and tournaments.

Bet Types Used in Online Darts Betting

The bets placed by online darts betting punters generally fall into one of three categories; these being outright bets, set bets, and match bets. Punters may choose to place only one of these, or combine several bets as part of a strategy.

Outright bets are placed on players to win a game outright, set bets are placed on players to win sets in games, and match bets are placed on players to win game matches.

Pre-match bets are similar to those known as exotic bets in other online sports betting markets, and can include such wagers as betting on a player to throw the greater number of 180s, or betting on the colour of the winning double.

Other Online Darts Betting Factors

A number of factors that influence the response to online darts betting include the frequency of games and tournaments, and a stability not found in many contact sports.

Other factors include the infrequency of player injuries, the outcomes of games as losses, wins, or ties, and lack of the influence of pitch or weather on games.

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