South Park Slot Basics for Online Players

The most important thing to say about NetEnt’s South Park online video slot is that it is virtually identical to the Comedy Central show that inspired it. So members of the cult South Park following will love it but those who couldn’t stand those cussing kids on TV probably won’t like them any more on the slots.

South Park is a five-reel game with 25 fixed paylines with possible wagers per line ranging from one to 10 coins. Coin values start at 0.01 and go up to 1.00 credits so the max bet per spin is 250 credits.


All the usual suspects – some of them more suspicious-looking than others – are there: The corpulent and crude Eric Cartman, mollycoddled Kyle Broflovski, fatal-accident-prone Kenny McCormick, and almost-normal Stan Marsh. These four main symbols are joined on the reels by the standard A-through-K playing card symbols as well as various bonus and wild symbols.

Players can enjoy the original South Park soundtrack while they spin the reels and can expect the same antics as always – including criminal activity, vomiting, fart jokes, and Kenny repeatedly getting killed.

The South Park Wild Symbol

Like in a few slots at, there are various wilds in South Park – the standard “WILD” symbol, the stacked beefcake mini feature wild, and the Stan Bonus Spins sticky wild.

All of these can stand in for any other symbol except bonus symbols to complete winning paylines.

South Park Bonus Games and Spins

There are four main bonus features – one for each character – in the South Park slot. Two of these are bonus spins and two are bonus rounds. Each is triggered when by two regular bonus symbols on Reels 3 and 4 plus the specific character’s bonus symbol on Reel 5.

  • Kyle and Stan Bonus Spins

When Kyle’s bonus symbol appears in the combination, 10 bonus spins are triggered and Kyle also playfully kicks his adopted sibling Ike into the mailbox to activate one of three bonus prizes: additional free spins, multipliers, and coin wins.

With Stan’s free spins, South Park players are awarded one sticky wild for two spins and may receive more as they spin.

  • Kenny and Cartman Bonus Games

In the Kenny South Park bonus game, players must guide Kenny through various zones while trying to avoid getting him killed. Players are given three lives with which to navigate the terrain in search of coin wins and multipliers.

As usual, Cartman is up to no good in his South Park bonus game and players must help him to find hidden prizes in the bushes, while avoiding being caught by the police.

Three Comical Mini Features

Fittingly, for a reel inspired by an animated sitcom, the South Park slot is crammed with additional features that trigger animations and short video clips. There are three mini features in South Park and they are all randomly activated:

  • Terrance and Phillip Mini Feature

The crass Canadian comedy duo pops up in front of the reels and breaks wind as each of three wild symbols are placed anywhere on Reels 2, 3 and 4, enhancing the odds of a winning combination.

  • Mr Hankey Mini Feature

When Mr Hankey – of Christmas poo fame – appears in front of the South Park slots to the tune of his catchy theme song, three wilds are placed anywhere on Reels 1, 3 and 5. In addition, one or two more wilds may also appear.

  • Cartman Mini Feature

This mini feature recalls the Beefcake episode and features a 3×3 block of wilds called a beefcake wild on Reels 2, 3 and 4.

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