How To Create Value Out Of Bookie Budgets

Very few bettors realise the benefits of keeping tabs on how bookmakers market their sportsbooks. The fact that a large portion of most wins is paid not from expertly balancing the lines, but instead, from the bookmaker’s marketing and advertising budget, isn’t common fare to everyone.

To illustrate, consider the state of the online Poker industry at the turn of the century. Making a six-figure living off playing online Poker wasn’t only possible, but in fact the type of lifestyle enjoyed by many people. Why was this the case? Simple: Online Poker wasn’t yet out of its baby shoes and as such, a hot and happening newcomer on the online gambling scene. Not unlike the case with most new start-ups, online Poker operators were working their marketing magic from massive promotional and advertising budgets – with most online Poker rooms at the time going all out on incentives such as deposit and play-again bonuses.

It didn’t take very long for the true professionals to figure out how to best use the sudden show of generosity for their own personal gain. And since affiliate marketing programs soon became a big thing too, established players were soon enjoying two separate “streams of income” – signing up for new accounts under affiliates and benefiting from kick-backs offered by crafty marketers contracted solely to reach new players, and literally fishing with a shotgun before pulling from the water bucketsful of fish freshly lured with only the best in high-quality promotional bait.

Money For Nothing

Onwards to the actual topic at hand, being that of making the most of everything the bookies have to offer, the very same trajectory of events can currently be seen in a suddenly-booming sports betting industry (thank you, United States!).

When looking to benefit from marketing budgets, the main course of action should be the deposit Keeping in mind that particular variety of creative income requires some experience spotting value and winning bets, consider the following real-case scenario.

Consider for example a deposit of $500. Since the sportsbook promises to match your deposit, you’re sitting reasonably pretty at $1,000. The condition, however, is that in order to cash out any winnings generated by the deposit bonus, is that you bet at least 20x the value of the deposit bonus before making a withdrawal – in this case, $10,000. And while this may sound like a heap of money to the inexperienced bettor, reaching $10k in value-bets really isn’t all that hard.

More Free Money

More free money is to be found in a little thing called boosting the odds.

Odds boosts are what bookmakers do when wanting to attract (and retain) new customers. And since the best possible way to send any new bettor on their way after only a single bet is to force them into losing bet, boosted odds are more often than not, bets expected to result in a win.

The way to generate free money from boosted odds is to bet the maximum allowable amount of money on that bet. Again, be sure to get in and get whilst the going is new and good. The marketing window of opportunity won’t last more than a few good years.