Everything You Must Know About Golf Betting Online

Golf, fondly referred to as the Game of Kings, has stood the test of time.  Dating back to the time of Julius Ceasar, golf has been around since Hector was a pup.  In the time of Ceasar, golf was played by striking a feather-stuffed ball.  The ball may have changed, but the basic rules remained the same.  So popular was the game of golf, that it was outlawed by King James II of Scotland, as it distracted the minds of young men and was blamed to have had a detractory affect as far as military training was concerned.

By the Seventeenth Century, https://bettingonlineusa.org/golf/ had planted its Tee firmly back into world soil, and 1860 saw the very first British Open Tournament being played, a tournament that is still played to this day.  The British Open Tournament, as well as various other popular events and tournaments, are widely televised and the game is played and followed around the world.

Worldwide media coverage and favourite personalities such as Tiger Woods and Ernie Els have all contributed to the rise of a favourite passtime in the world of sports betting: golf betting.

Major Golfing Events

New Zealand is a favourite destination for golf players and fanatics, mainly due to the beautiful scenery, and the country is home to more than 400 golf courses.  Local events may offer regular opportunities to add something to a punter’s kitty, but it is the major events that have the potential to pay off in a really big way.

The Masters is arguably the most popular of the major events, and punters from all over the world follow the televised as well as live action online.  The tournament is the first of four major annual tournaments on the PGA schedule.  The Masters is held at Augusta National Golf Club, and takes place during the first week in April.  The winner of the The Masters is traditionally awarded a green jacket.

Second in line among the major events is the US Open, another favourite among golf punters.  The US Open takes place annually during the month of June.

The PGA Championship is at the heart of golf betting, as it takes place on various golf courses, affording punters the opportunity to follow the action course-side.  This adds greatly to the excitement of golf betting – being on location when the winning bet pays out.

Top Tips And Tricks

Know the golf course relationship.  Some golfers have better success at certain golf courses than at others.  In the event that a particular golfer has not yet played on a specific course, try and pin-point what the success rate was at a course with a similar layout.

Stay in tune with the weather.  Some golfers prefer to play shorter shots, others effortlessly clear miles with a single swing.  A howling wind is enough to sway any ball on a mile-long trajectory.  In this case short and strong would be the way to go.  Determine how golfers fair on wet greens and muddy patches before placing your bet.

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