An Introduction to Single Bets for Punters

When it comes to making a profit in the world of sports betting, placing single bets is often the smartest choice. Many alternative betting options exist, including parlays, hedge bets, and even prop bets. But the majority of seasoned betting enthusiasts agree that a single bet is the smartest choice.

This does, however, assume that well thought out, well researched single bets are being placed. It can be fun to make impulsive bets on sports teams, simply as a means to increase the tension, but this is certainly not what is considered the smartest best approach. Serious betting enthusiast who aim to make a profit know that there are many factors to take into consideration.

What is a Single Bet?

Very simply, a single bet is one bet, on one outcome. Of course, even a single bet requires some understanding, in order to be done effectively. Point spreads must be taken into account, and the spread covered in order for a payout to be made.

Point spreads are implemented in order to balance out the odds in a match, and ensure that one team will not completely dominate another. If a point spread at the sites like this one is +7/-7, it means that the team with +7 assigned will have 7 theoretical points added to their total.

Even beginner betting enthusiasts understand this, but it never hurts to hear the basics.

Single Bet Strategies

Being better at single bets is not rocket science. In fact, simply changing up an approach in the smallest ways is all that is needed to achieve better results.

There are a few simple factors that seasoned bettors swear by, when explaining how to get better results. The first is using a strong set of rules for choosing where to place bets. Of course, bets cannot only be placed on favourite teams. They should always only be placed where the best results are likely.

Consistency is the second factor that professionals take into account. Losses will happen, but it doesn’t mean that caution should be thrown out the window, and crazy bets be made in order to chase losses. Sticking to a plan, even in the face of loss, is always the best approach.

Last, but perhaps most important of all, is good bankroll management. Keeping tabs on where money is being won, and where it is being lost, is absolutely essential. Making small, well thought out bets is always the smart option. If losses mount up, reduce betting amounts, don’t increase them.

Single Bets are Boring?

Some will claim that straight up bets are boring, but this is drastically overlooking the point of serious betting. Yes, a straight up bet may not seem as interesting or exotic as a parlay bet, and may not pay out as well, but it is easy to understand and still results in profits.

Overly complicated betting systems don’t necessarily give better results, and therefore don’t technically need to even be engaged in. If you are making money with single bets, why add complications?

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